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Equity Navigation Solutions Inc., is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization incorporated in the State of North Carolina.

We operate out of Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We receive donations for our purpose, mission, and goal through donors, small and large from all walks of life.

We also receive donations through institutions, agencies, corporations and social change philanthrophy.

Social change philanthrophy is a collective form of charitable giving directed at resolving root causes of social, economic and environmental injustices, not just symptoms.

We are counting on social change philanthropy to help us build new structures and systems that save lives and delivers the kind of impact and change Charlotte has NEVER seen before.

With recurring donor support from donors like YOU, we can remedy injustices and outdated practices that are no longer compatible with the changing times.

We can also end the cycles of mobility failure that continue to breed stagnation and decades of little or no progress.

Especially, when it comes to poverty relief for children born and STUCK in poverty who we embrace as Equity-Deprived Youth.


The mission before us in Charlotte, is to FREE 39,641 Equity-Deprived Youth who are STUCK and trapped in Charlotte’s Poverty Web.

To be clear, all cities across the United States have webs of poverty. However, a Harvard study concluded, it is harder to get out of poverty in Charlotte than any other large city in the United States.


Most children born and STUCK in poverty, arrive in poverty through no fault of their own and under circumstances beyond their control.

Ironically, the same powerful economic, political and social forces who share an irrevocable responsibility for the safety, health and wellbeing of these youth, are the same forces that oversee their neglect and deprivation.

As a result, far too many youth in Charlotte are being left further behind with less education, less wealth, poor health and shorter lifespans.

From our perspective, a shorter lifespan is nothing less than than an early DEATH sentence being stamped on the lives and future of innocent youth who have committed no CRIME!

Given this reality, the question becomes: In what universe does this practice have any moral standing?

For decades, despite the best intention claims of a polite society, Charlotte has maintained a poverty cycle whereby 2 out 3 children born and STUCK in poverty struggle, and fail as adolescents and teens, and end up remaining in poverty as adults for life!

This detrimental practice has gone on for so long in Charlotte, it begs to question: Who owns this problem?

We are intervening now for two humane reasons.

One, because intentionally or unintentionally, the status quo in Charlotte is still starving the health out of the development of these youth who are in no position to prevent it on their own.

Two, because the status quo in Charlotte is still leaving vulnerable youth exposed to the harsh realities of a poverty-striken life, deprived of the required support that is needed to transition successfully from youth into adulthood.

To be crystal clear, the status quo system and structure that is supposed to serve and protect these youth, have put programming in place.

The problem is, the programming is an outdated solution approach, that is not only ineffective in helping youth escape from poverty, it is also destroying Equity-Deprived lives at an alarming rate.

We are hopeful that all of our donors will care enough to help anyway they can to STOP this carnage in its track.


Equity Navigations Solutions Inc., is proud to be the only flagship corporation in the U.S. that is home to and the sole source of:

Equity Navigation Engineers (SM)Equity-Mitigation Space Travel (SM)Equity-Gaining Ground Facilities (SM)

Individually and collectively, these proprietary discoveries represent the latest innovation in poverty solution relief, equity mitigation and social mobility advancement.

Fully operational, all of these features work together in rapidly closing outcome health and income wealth gaps, disparities and inequities expand.

Bringing this kind of innovation to the social science field and the helping profession will enable us to do what has rarely been done and that is:

Launch the kind of innovation that reaches the outer limits of equity mitigation and social mobility success, where generations of government, corporate and NGO organizations have had limited impact.


We measure short-term and long-term success through furthering lifelong learning, growth and develoment, one youth at a time. We track their success in two ways:

One, through data-driven Breakthrough Outcomes and Navigated Results (BONR’s), that transformsT-BACK$(SM) – Thinking, Behavior, Attitudes, Communication, Knowledge and $kills.

Two, by ensuring all participants actually arrive at a better destination in life as documented proof they have transitioned sucessfully from youth into adulthood.


We are the navigating force behind one of the most effective social mobility movements Charlotte has ever embarked on in modern times.

The innovation we offer enable donors to make historic and transformational change that is urgently needed NOW!

The impact of donor contributions will make a positive and permanent change in the lives and future of Equity-Deprived Youth in a foundational and fundamental way.

The added benefit of donor contributions, will help the City of Charlotte upgrade its national reputation in economic and social mobility.


The impact of your contributions, will root out the foundation of ‘youth poverty’ as we know it, and slowly dismantle the poverty cycle kept in place for decades.

The impact of your contribution will set youth FREE along with their hopes, dreams and aspirations to pursue the best version of themselves.

This includes providing access to pathways of unprecedented opportunity and resources that can unleash their potential and offer them their best chance ever at a fresh start in life, with life- long navigation support.

Short term and long term, the full impact of your contributions will benefit youth STUCK in poverty today, and generations to come.


The impact of your contribution, will drastically improve the City of Charlotte’s national mobility ranking of (50 out of 50)– the worst in the nation.

Collectively, the impact of donor contributions will elevate the reputation and ranking of the Cityof Charlotte from a 50 out 50 ranking, into a national top 10 status in social and economic mobility, within 3-5 years.
To help ensure the success of our launch in advance, we are calling on all donors in Charlotte and beyond, to support our cause generously with a timely donation today.

To get started, click here to set your donation GPS to Equity Navigation Solutions Inc., NOW!

(A non-profit, tax exempt 501 C (3) corporation, incorporated in the State of North Carolina, and located in Mecklenburg County.)

At Equity Navigations Solutions Inc, we leverage the contributions of all donors to serve one united purpose: 

To prioritize the advancement of children born and STUCK in poverty, who we embrace as Equity-Deprived Youth.

As a tax-exempt 501 (C) 3, we raise funds from generous individuals, agencies, and organizations to reach one navigated outcome:

To ensure ALL youth connected to our programming, transition successfully from youth into adulthood.

To help these youth succeed in a way Charlotte and our nation never have, we use the latest innovation in equity mitigation and social mobility advancement.

With your contributions, we take the guesswork out of giving to FREE Youth STUCK in Poverty to make the greatest social impact on their lives, and aspirations.

To bend the arc of neglect and deprivation towards social justice and the urgency of now, it is going to take all of us working together in a way we never have before.

The added value we bring to the Charlotte experience is a healthier way forward, a better way out and a smarter way through to upward mobility that lead to longer, stronger and more prosperous lives.

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Equity Navigation Solutions Inc
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Equity Navigation Solutions Inc.101 North Tryon Street, Suite 600,Post Office Box 411167,Charlotte, NC 28241

The Current State of Poverty in America

In the United States, 12.8% of 324,173,084 people live in poverty. The child poverty rate (for people under age 18) was 16.9% in 2021, 4.2 percentage points higher than the national rate of 12.8%.

North Carolina Statewide Perspective:
Charlotte Citywide Perspective:

Today, the poverty rate in Charlotte, North Carolina is 9.38% lower than the US average. In Charlotte, North Carolina, an estimated 11.6% of 850,971 people live in poverty, which totals approximately 108,000 people.

On average, two out of three adolescents and teens, born and STUCK in poverty, struggle, and fail, and end up remaining in Charlotte’s Poverty Web™ as adults, for life!

These youth are between the ages of birth to 24 years old. All the Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY) in our network live with families whose income are at or below Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

Out of the 108,000 people living in poverty in Charlotte, we aim to help 36,641 Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY) between the ages of 10-24, who are STUCK in poverty reside in the eight poorest zip codes in Charlotte, that identify families living below the poverty line: 28204, 28202, 28206, 28208, 28203, 28205, 28213, and 28217

The income of the families living below the poverty line are as follows:

Family size

2022 income numbers

2023 income numbers

For individuals



For a family of 2



For a family of 3



For a family of 4




Traditionally, government programs and NGO organizations partner together to meet the unmet needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable youth.

Usually, NGO organizations compete against one another over limited funding and the best way to go forward.

Unfortunately, the unintended consequence of competing interest fighting each other over the same funds is that it almost always guarantees that stagnant progress will remain mired in vegetating stagnation.


Although powerful political, economic, and social forces in Charlotte share an irrevocable responsibility for the safety, health, and well-being of Equity- Deprived Youth (EDY), these same forces also play another central role:

Individually and collectively these forces who make up, serve,protect, and maintain the status quo, are the same  forces who maintain the poverty cycle and over-see the systemic neglect and structural deprivation that harm the lives and  future of these youth on an on-going basis
We are prioritizing the advancement of these youththrough our FREE YOUTH STUCK IN POVERTY’, campaign.

FREE YOUTH STUCK IN POVERTY’, is not only our reason for action, it is the call of our time, for all all donors large and small to respond to and support our cause in a way they have NEVER done before.

FREE YOUTH STUCK IN POVERTY’, is also the heart of our passion, purpose, mission and goal. Why? Because despite best intention claims of the status quo, these youth are cut off from equitable access to opportunity, resources, and upwardmobility they need to transition successfully from youth into adulthood.

Poverty is an intentional man-made social construct with disatrous results, using social and economic measures in two ways. One, to keep the lives of youth born in poverty, STUCK in poverty with little or no life-changing opportunity to escape.

Two, by systemically and structurally starving the health of theirdevelopment, in ways that in effect shut off the oxygen to their hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and slowly sufficate their resilence.
We need your helping hand to help us end this, and lift the lives and future of these youth up where they belong….where they can thrive!  
Your helping hand includes helping us connect these youth to  equitable access to opportunity, resources, investment,support and the upward mobility they need to transition successfully from youth into adulthood.
To make this a reality and bring it to life, we are coming directly to YOU! Not only because of the reasons we have already identified, but because there is no one else left to come to the aid  of Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY) but organizations like ours, and kind-hearted people and socially conscious donors like YOU!
So please donate generously today!All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Our 2023 / 2024 donor campaign starts with YOU!

Click here to donate now to: FREE YOUTH STUCK IN POVERTY!

No donation is too large or small. The suggested giving for recurring monthly donors is between $20.00-50.00 per month.

For all Donors who can give more, especially Equity-Mitigation Donor activists, we offer ten ways of giving to demonstrate your level of commitmen.Please click the heart icon below to select your donation preference.
To donate online click on the dollar sign below:

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

To donate via mail: Please follow theinstructions below:
For Mail-In Donations:
Please Make Checks Payable To:
Equity Navigation Solutions Inc.
Our Mailing Address is:
Equity Navigation Solutions Inc.101 North Tryon Street, Suite 600,Post Office Box 411167,Charlotte, NC 28241