Responding To Youth With The Urgency of Now

On a daily basis in Charlotte, North Carolina, approximately 36,641 Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY) who represent our target market, are STUCK in poverty at or below the federal poverty poverty line in eight poverty-striken zip codes: 28204, 28202, 28206, 28208, 28203, 28205, 28213, and 28217.

Every day these youth are STUCK in poverty gives systemic neglect and structural deprivation another opportunity to starve the health out of their physical and mental development across five age-based life cycles: (1) from birth year, (2) early childhood, (3) middle childhood, (4) adolescents, and (5) early adulthood.

Our reason for action recognize depriving these youth of unequal opportunities is not only a moral concern that prevent these youth from transitioning successfully from youth into adulthood. It also undermines their lifelong economic, social mobility and prosperity.

The family incomes of Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY) born and STUCK in poverty are reflected below based on Federal Poverty Level (FPL) guidelines.

Family size

2022 income numbers

2023 income numbers

For individuals



For a family of 2



For a family of 3



For a family of 4



Without the kind of intervention we provide three things will continue to happen:

  1. Youth between the ages of 10-24, will remain STUCK in poverty for life.
  2. Programming that prioritizes their advancement will continue to be inhibited.
  3. The majority of these youth will remain in the same stagnated state, unable to transition successfully from youth into adulthood.