Our Reason For Action

In 2014, Harvard and UC Berkeley released a social mobility study ranking the City of Charlotte 50th out of 50 cities – the worst mobility ranking in the nation.

This means that for a child born in poverty in Charlotte, it is harder to get out of poverty than any other large city in the United States.

To its credit, the City of Charlotte and its partners did respond to this study and raised $400 million dollars to address the study and the plight of these youth.
The problem is, the City of Charlotte and its partners spent the money in a way, that benefitted the status-quo and as of 2020, has yielded little or no life-changing results for children born into poverty.

As of 2022, the City of Charlotte is still struggling to measure economic progress. In effect leaving far too many lives and future of the youth STUCK in perpetual poverty and stagnation for the rest of their lives.