Why Charlotte’s Little No Progress Is Killing Our Youth & Ruining The City’s Reputation

At the end of the day, to become the Charlotte, we have NEVER been, we must be willing to do what the Charlotte have NEVER done, and it is this:

Prioritize the advancement of children born and STUCK in poverty by supporting a bold systemic shift in poverty relief thinking, direction, learning, intervention, and lifelong breakthrough results.

The main reason why Charlotte’s little or no progress is killing our youth is because the City of Charlotte continue to leave far too many of these youth with less education, less wealth, poor health, and shorter lifespans.

From end to end, what “little or no progress mean,” is NO FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in City of Charlotte’s outdated conventional solution approach, that has failed for decade to help these youth thrive.

In part, if not exclusively, this failure is why the City of Charlotte was ranked nationally 50 out of 50 in economic mobility.