Nine Reasons EDY – Equity-Deprived Youth Struggle In Charlotte

Individually and collectively, how many EDY’s do you know who are struggling in Charlotte’s Poverty Web™?

  1. The first reason EDY struggle in poverty is because of poor parental decision-making and poor parental behavior choices. Most of these poverty-stricken parents were born and STUCK in poverty themselves.
  2. The second reason EDY struggle in poverty is because even with all the forces in Charlotte sharing an irrevocable responsibility for the safety, health, and wellbeing, of these youth, EDY’s are still experiencing neglect and deprivation that has been ongoing for decades, and will not end on its own, without effective and immediate intervention.
  3. The third reason EDY struggle in poverty is because systemically and structurally, status quo forces have been extremely sucessful in cutting these youth off with surgical precision from equitable access to opportunity, support, investment, and the resources they need to transition successfully from youth into adulthood.
  4. The fourth reason EDY struggle in poverty is because the City of Charlotte and its forces appear to be wedded to an outdated solution approach that continues to leave far too many youth further and further behind in almost every category of social determinants of health including with less education, less wealth, poor health, and shorter lifespans.
  5. The fifth reason EDY struggle in poverty is because the funding raised by the status quo on behalf of children born and STUCK in proverty, is consistently spent in a way that benefits the status-quo and does little or nothing to fundamentally change the trajectory and destination of their lives. For most of these youth, they end up STUCK in Charlotte’s Poverty Web™ for life with no relief or exit strategy in sight, despite hundreds of millions of dollars being raised at their expense.
  6. The sixth reason EDY struggle in poverty is because intentionally or unintentionally, developmental harm is occurring on an on-going basis across five age-based cycles of their lives: (1) from birth year, (2) childhood, (3) middle childhood, (4) adolescents, and (5) early adulthood. This buildup of detrimental harm and damage is occurring every single day Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY) remain isolated and trapped in Charlotte’s Poverty Web™ where the movement of these youth are being restricted while the evil tentacles that gives poverty its grip roam free placing a sufficating stranglehold on their lives, hopes, dreams and aspirations.
  7. The seventh reason EDY struggle in poverty is because the City of Charlotte does not appear to hold itself nor it partners accountable for the role they play in keeping these youth STUCK in poverty. One indicator that a lack of accountability is present, is when the actions, and inactions of the status quo are shielded and protected behind a false guise of best intention claims. What best intention claims does best is allow economic, political and social forces whose actions, inactions or decision-making end up harming these youth in one way or another, avoid accountability without having to acknowledge their actions and decisions are deliberate. This is especially true, when a clear pattern of outcomes consistently result in little or no progress made year after year, decade after decade, and no one is held accountable for failing results.
    WHEN ASKED WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE? This is what you get in one form or another!
    Unlike any other agency or not-for-profit you might currently support, at Equity Navigation Solutions Inc., we accept ownership of and accountability for successfully transitioning the lives of youth STUCK in poverty into adulthood.
    Especially, EDY’s who remain connected to our programming. This way your donation makes the impact it was intended to make, instead of resulting in little or no progress, and standardizing donor support for failing programs that harm the lives and future of these youth.
  8. The eighth reason EDY struggle in poverty is because the City of Charlotte itself is still STUCK in three cycles of mobility failure that led to Charlotte being ranked 50 our of 50 with worst social and economic mobility ranking in the nation. This means that for a child born in poverty in Charlotte, it is harder to get out of poverty than any other large city in the United States. Since 2014, some nine years later, Charlotte is still hovering around the bottom of the barrel nationally when it comes to FREEING YOUTH STUCK INPOVERTY!
  9. The ninth reason EDY struggle in poverty is because donors have been STUCK with ineffective donor options. For the first time ever in history of Charlotte, donors will be able to support a breakthrough poverty solution that not only FREE YOUTH STUCK IN POVERTY but rapidly improves Charlotte’s national ranking in economic and social mobility through the latest innovation in equity mitigation and social mobility advancement. For donors who desire to make a meaningful and lasting change in the lives of these youth, all they need to do is reset their donation GPS to Equity Navigation Solutions Inc.