The Added Value We Bring To The Charlotte Experience

At Equity Navigation Solutions Inc., the added value we bring to the Charlotte experience comes with six integrated beneficial properties that the City of Charlotte and its partners do not have and do not own. Namely,

  1. The first added value we bring to the Charlotte experience is directed at children born and STUCK in poverty for life. For these youth, our added value provides clarity and a new direction for poverty relief and restoration. How? By delivering a healthier way forward, a better way out and smarter way through to upward mobility that can lead to a longer, stronger, and more prosperous life. Our added value adds value systemically and structurally to the lives of these youth across cross five age-based life cycles: (1) from birth year, (2) early childhood, (3) middle childhood, (4) adolescents, and (5) early adulthood.
    Our added value is a bold systemic shift in outcome health thinking, direction, mobility, and breakthrough results, that can be a model for the nation.
  2. The second added value we bring to the Charlotte experience is directed at helping the City of Charlotte, in a way the City of Charlotte can’t help itself. Currently, when it comes to children born and STUCK in poverty, Charlotte is STUCK in mobility failure, and operating with an outdated poverty solution approach that is not only ineffective but is also not compatible with the changing times. For the City of Charlotte, our added value prioritizes the advancement of Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY) and avoids the failures of the status quo, that continue to leave far too many youths further behind with less education, less wealth, poor health, and shorter lifespans.
  3. The third added value we bring to the Charlotte experience is as the sole source provider, and only producer of Equity Gaining Ground Facilities™, Equity Navigation Engineers™ and other proprietary discoveries. Our added value represents the latest innovation in equity mitigation and social mobility advancement. Effectively, FREEING YOUTH STUCK IN POVERTY to transition their lives successfully from youth into adulthood. Fully funded and implemented this innovation will eliminate the poverty cycle as we know it in Charlotte.
  4. The fourth added value we bring to the Charlotte experience delivers uncommon breakthrough results in advancing social mobility. Our added value not only significantly increase the likelihood of deprived youth succeeding in life, but also has the potential of improving Charlotte’s national ranking in social mobility from the worst — 50 out of 50, to one of the best in mobility transformation the nation. We can deliver the results, but we can’t do it alone. We need donor support from donors like YOU!
  5. The fifth added value we bring to the Charlotte experience is a historic and transformational poverty solution. Our added value brings an unprecedented navigation perspective to social science and the helping profession field. Our added value also ushers in a new era of breakthrough equity results that reach the outer limits of mobility mitigation success, where generations of corporate, government and NGO organizations have had limited impact.
  6. The sixth added value we bring to the Charlotte experience benefit donors as the most effective social mobility movement donors can support in Charlotte and beyond. Currently in Charlotte, donors are making contributions to status quo programming and efforts that result in little or no progress.
    Based on decades of outcome health and income wealth results, little or no progress appears to be the acceptable standard among the political, economic, and social forces who represent and make up the status quo in Charlotte. Especially, when it comes to helping children born and STUCK in poverty.
    In effect, what status quo practices are currently doing in Charlotte is standardizing donor support for failing programs that keep most of these youth STUCK in poverty. We believe this practice has been going on for so long that the delivery and acceptance of poor outcomes almost operate like an auto pilot transaction with almost everyone accepting the results as normal.
    Our value-added programming provides all donors large and small, –– everyday donors and socially conscious donors, – with a healthier, better, and smarter alternative to the failing poverty relief and social mobility efforts of the status quo.
    For the first time ever in a long time, our added value will offer donors of all stripes and from all walks of life, their best chance ever to have their donations make meaningful and lasting change in the lives and future of Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY).
    To get started, all donors need to do is click here to set their donation GPS to Equity Navigation Solutions Inc.