How We Aim To Help

Through recurring donations large and small, we aim to help 36,641 Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY), escape from a certain life of poverty.

For youth between the ages of 10-24, we aim to help them thrive in a way Charlotte and our nation never have.

Our ‘Equity Navigation Engineers™’ have already developed a breakthrough poverty solution, the first of its kind in the nation.

What we need right now, is a breakthrough donor response, from recurring donors like YOU.

Recurring donations ensure our success in advance in bringing this innovation to life. Individually and collectively, the funding we receive, enables us to take ownership of and accountability for making sure the youth receiving our programming transition successfully from youth into adulthood.

This is the kind of outcome health and income wealth success we envision for these youth that can benefit the City of Charlotte as well.

Especially, when it comes to improving social mobility. Overall, the success of these youth will drastically improve the City’s national mobility ranking of 50 out of 50, that was documented in the 2014 Harvard study.

Potentially, the City of Charlotte could realize a sea change in improving the City’s image and the City’s national mobility ranking. How? By transitioning itself from one of the worst cities America to one of the best in the nation when it comes to social mobility transformation.

This way everybody WINS from our innovation — donors, Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY), and the City of Charlotte.

When all said and done, how we aim to help most, is by dismantaling the poverty cycle as we know it, in Charlotte, North Carolina and beyond.