‘Charlotte’s Poverty Web™ – Limiting the Mobility of Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY)

Youth STUCK In Charlotte’s Poverty Web™

Poverty an intentional man-made social construct, exist in every corner across the United States. However, according to a 2014 Harvard study, Charlotte’s Poverty Web™ stands out nationally, as the most difficult poverty webs in the United States for children born into poverty to escape from.

So much so, two out of three adolescents and teens, born and STUCK in poverty, struggle, and fail, and end up remaining in Charlotte’s Poverty Web™ as adults, for life!

Unfortunately, In addition to being STUCK inside due to a lack of mobility, these youth are also cut off from equitable access to opportunity, investment, resources, and support they desperately need, to transition successfully from youth into adulthood.

‘Charlotte’s Poverty Web’ is also a social determinant of health ‘death trap’ that spreads life-threatening impact all over poor communities:

  • Detonating the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of people in need of upward mobility and advancement.
  • Poisoning the pool of better health starts for children and youth, while pipelining their lives and future into a life of juvenile delinquency, and incarceration.
  • Killing off wealth building opportunities for poverty-stricken communities, so that their divested communities never accumulate generational wealth.
  • Contaminating poverty-stricken zip codes with toxic facilities, inadequate access to healthy food, inadequate transportation, air and water pollution, and unsafe homes.
  • Perpetuating life-threatening disparities and inequities without acknowledging it is deliberate.

Here is what donors who are unfamiliar with our cause might not realize, while ‘Charlotte’s Poverty Web’ keep these youth traped and STUCK where they are, neglect and deprivation continue to harm these youth, while the failure to intervene effectively, across five age-based life cycles: compounds their suffering.

In effect, allowing the street dogs of deepening anxiety, depression, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, suicide, high school drop-out rates, gang activity, human trafficking, crime, incarceration, teen pregnancy and even DEATH, to hunt them down like prey and devour their lives.

Donors should know, despite the City’s best intentions claim, it is the City of Charlotte’s own failing actions and inactions across five age-based life cycles that are preventing Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY) from transitioning successfully from youth into adulthood.

The five age-based life cycles are: (1) from birth year, (2) early childhood, (3) middle childhood, (4) adolescents, and (5) early adulthood.

What’s worse, Charlotte’s systemic and structural poverty, is not only fueling an intergenerational poverty-cycle, that has gone on for decades, but also perpetuating the on-going destruction of Equity-Deprived lives without acknowledging it is deliberate.

The sad truth is it doesn’t have to be this way. If you don’t want to take our word for it, you can certainly take his:
Poverty Injustice in Charlotte

When it comes to comparing the lives of Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY), versus Equity-Invested Youth (EIY), by every measure from outcome health to income wealth, Queen City Charlotte is truly a tale of two cities:

In one part of Queen City, the lives of Equity-Invested Youth (EIY), thrives and are well connected to opportunity pipelines and upward mobility pathways that almost guarantee their success in advance.

In another part of City of Charlotte, the lives of Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY) dives into chronic mobility failure, systemically and structurally.

In effect leaving the lives of these youth along with their hopes, dreams and aspirations chained to disadvantage, deprivation, and neglect at almost every facet of their social determinant of health development.

So much so, a strong case can be made that the greatest Poverty Injustice in Charlotte’ impacting the lives of these youth does not come from the hands of strangers who are unfamiliar with their struggle.

Instead, the greatest threat of ‘Poverty Injustice in Charlotte’ comes from the actions and inactions of the status-quo — reputable people and organizations, representing political, economic, and social forces who hold positions of influence, trust, judgement, and power.

Some of these social forces include well-known non-profit organizations who often receive huge donations through status quo partnerships or from an unsuspecting public, who may or may not realize this reality:

While these forces share an irrevocable responsibility for the safety, health, and well-being of Equity-Deprived Youth, at the same time, they also oversee in real-time the systemic abuse, neglect, and deprivation of these youth, on their watch.

Leaving their lives and the future of these youth STUCK in perpetual poverty and stagnation.


Social mobility refers to the movement of individuals or families between different socio-economic positions or social classes within a society.

It is influenced by factors such as education, occupation, income. and wealth and is often seen as an important indicator of a society’s degree of equality, opportunity and social justice.

The three cycles of mobility failure we present here regarding Charlotte, falls in the realm of failing actions and inactions of the status-quo that prevent Equity-Deprived Youth from thriving in a way they should.


Systemically and structurally, powerful influential gatekeepers use their clout to create and maintain mobility failure in three ways: (1) by locking out change-makers who do not accept the status quo’s poor results and little or no progress; (2) by denying funding where it is needed most, and (3) by resisting change while 2 out of 3 of these youth remain trapped in perpetual poverty for life


Systemically and structurally, economic, political and social forces create and maintain mobility failure by inhibiting policies, solutions and programming that prioritize the advancement of children born and STUCK in poverty who we embrace as Equity-Deprived Youth.


Systemically and structurally, mobility failure is also created by how funding for these youth is raised and spent. After poverty conditions are used to raise funds, these dollars are then spent in a way that benefits the status-quo more than Equity- Deprived Youth.

How We Aim To Help

Through recurring donations large and small, we aim to help 36,641 Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY), escape from a certain life of poverty.

For youth between the ages of 10-24, we aim to help them thrive in a way Charlotte and our nation never have.

Our ‘Equity Navigation Engineers™’ have already developed a breakthrough poverty solution, the first of its kind in the nation.

What we need right now, is a breakthrough donor response, from recurring donors like YOU.

Recurring donations ensure our success in advance in bringing this innovation to life. Individually and collectively, the funding we receive, enables us to take ownership of and accountability for making sure the youth receiving our programming transition successfully from youth into adulthood.

This is the kind of outcome health and income wealth success we envision for these youth that can benefit the City of Charlotte as well.

Especially, when it comes to improving social mobility. Overall, the success of these youth will drastically improve the City’s national mobility ranking of 50 out of 50, that was documented in the 2014 Harvard study.

Potentially, the City of Charlotte could realize a sea change in improving the City’s image and the City’s national mobility ranking. How? By transitioning itself from one of the worst cities America to one of the best in the nation when it comes to social mobility transformation.

This way everybody WINS from our innovation — donors, Equity-Deprived Youth (EDY), and the City of Charlotte.

When all said and done, how we aim to help most, is by dismantaling the poverty cycle as we know it, in Charlotte, North Carolina and beyond.

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