Having already discovered a one-of-a-kind breakthrough poverty solution, what we need now to meet this moment, is a breakthrough donor response, from donors like YOU!

Right now, we are powering up operations to build a donor network of our own, to connect socially responsible donors to our passion, purpose, mission, and goals.

At Equity Navigations Solutions Inc., we know enough to know even with latest innovation, no one organization, activist, or leader can win the David and Goliath transformational battles alone.

At Equity Navigation Solutions Inc, we encourage all Equity Mitigation Donor Activists (Equity-MDA’s)” to make Equity Navigation Solutions Inc, their new donation home. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

If you want to make the kind of difference that truly meet the moment, this is the opportunity your donation dollars have been waiting for.

Please donate to our cause today. With your help, we will fill the hopes, dreams, and aspirations that are missing from lives of Equity-Deprived Youth.