In 2023, two out of three adolescents and teens, born and STUCK in poverty, struggle, and fail, and end up remaining in poverty as adults, for life!
FREE YOUTH STUCK IN POVERTY, is not only our reason for action, it is also the call of our time, for all donors large and small to come to the aid of these youth and help them escape from Charlotte’s Poverty Web™.
Our Reason For Intervening Now

The Harvard study not only exposed Charlotte’s poor social mobility systems and structure, the study also revealed the disproportionate effect Charlotte’s systems and structures have on the lives and future of poverty-stricken children and minorities who live here.

Given a clear pattern of decades of neglect and deprivation, we have no confidence in following the moral compass of a status-quo that continues to leave the lives and future of these youth, including their hopes, dreams and aspirations with less education, less wealth, poor health and shorter lifespans.

Especially, when we know with clarity that shorter lifespans is nothing less than an early death sentence posed of the lives of innocent youth who have commited NO CRIME!

Our reason for intervvening recognize depriving these youth of unequal opportunities is not only a moral concern that prevent these youth from transitioning successfully from youth into adulthood. It also undermines their lifelong economic, social mobility and prosperity.

We are also intervening because we know leaving these youth STUCK in poverty as if it is through some fault of their own has no bearing in truth.

If you are reluctant to take our word for it, perhaps his words might carry more weight.