What we have discovered is a breakthrough poverty solution that all donors large and small can support:

Equity Gaining Ground Facilities™” are state-of-the-art safe spaces dedicated to advancing the human development of Equity-Deprived Youth.

This includes connecting these youth with equitable access to opportunity, support, and the resources they need to be successful across five age -based life cycles: (1) from birth year, (2) early childhood, (3) middle childhood, (4) adolescents, and (5) early adulthood.

“Equity Mitigation Space Travel™” helps these youth get where they need to be and where they need to go by providing expedited departures from a poverty-stricken existence to healthier destination in life.

A successful journey includes the use of navigation advancement tools that are used to close health and wealth gaps systemic disparities and inequities expand.

Working in tandem, this innovation aligns and fast tracks the development, growth, and progress of Equity-Deprived Youth in one coordinated process.

All for the purpose of ensuring a measurable way of successfully transitioning youth into adulthood.

Our innovation is so advance, with full donor support, it will reach the outer limits of equity mitigation and mobility advancement success where generations of government, NGO and corporate endeavors have had limited impact

What we need now is a breakthrough donor response, to help vulnerable children and youth who need our help and intervention the most.

If nothing else, what the status quo has repeatedly proven for decades is this:

Despite their best intention claim, the status quo is either incapable or unwilling to deliver breakthrough results to the lives and future of Equity-Deprived Youth.

This should give all donors pause, to consider changing their donation address to Equity Gaining Ground Facilities™” and “Equity Mitigation Space Travel™ immediately!